Structure, function, and mechanism of thioredoxin proteins.

TitleStructure, function, and mechanism of thioredoxin proteins.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsCollet, J-F., and J. Messens
JournalAntioxid Redox Signal
Date Published2010 Oct
Type of Articleredox
KeywordsHumans, Models, Molecular, Oxidation-Reduction, Protein Conformation, Thioredoxins

Thioredoxins are ubiquitous antioxidant enzymes that play important roles in many health-related cellular processes. As such, the fundamental knowledge of how these enzymes work is of prime importance for understanding cellular redox mechanisms and for laying the ground for the development of future therapeutic approaches. Over the past 40 years, a really impressive amount of data has been published on thioredoxins. Here, we review the most significant results that have contributed to our knowledge regarding the structure, the function, and the mechanism of these crucial enzymes.

Alternate JournalAntioxid. Redox Signal.
PubMed ID20136512
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