Neutron scattering studies of chromatosomes.

TitleNeutron scattering studies of chromatosomes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsLambert, S., S. Muyldermans, J. Baldwin, J. Kilner, K. Ibel, and L. Wijns
JournalBiochem Biophys Res Commun
Date Published1991 Sep 16
KeywordsAnimals, Cell Nucleolus, Chickens, Chromatin, DNA, Erythrocytes, Histones, Neutron Activation Analysis, Nucleosomes

Neutron scattering data establish that the radius of gyration of the DNA in chicken erythrocyte chromatosome particles is significantly higher, by about 0.3 nm, than the radius of gyration of the DNA in the core particle. Corresponding information of the radius of gyration of the protein component in the chromatosomes (3.75 nm) indicated an enlargement, compared to the radius of gyration of the octamer of histone proteins both in core particles and in the histone octamer stabilised in 2 M NaCl (3.25 nm). From the latter data, we could calculate the distance in the chromatosome between the centre of mass of the linker histone and the histone octamer as 5.5 nm. These results impose severe limitations for the organisation of the 22 bp extra DNA and the possible location of H1/H5 in the chromatosome, implying that the H1/H5 is close to the centre turn of the core particle DNA.

Alternate JournalBiochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.
PubMed ID1898404