CAPRI: a Critical Assessment of PRedicted Interactions.

TitleCAPRI: a Critical Assessment of PRedicted Interactions.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsJanin, J., K. Henrick, J. Moult, L. Ten Eyck, M. J. E. Sternberg, S. Vajda, I. Vakser, and S. J. Wodak
Corporate AuthorsCritical Assessment of PRedicted Interactions
Date Published2003 Jul 1
KeywordsAlgorithms, Crystallography, X-Ray, Evaluation Studies as Topic, Forecasting, Genomics, Macromolecular Substances, Models, Molecular, Protein Conformation, Protein Interaction Mapping, Proteins, Reproducibility of Results

CAPRI is a communitywide experiment to assess the capacity of protein-docking methods to predict protein-protein interactions. Nineteen groups participated in rounds 1 and 2 of CAPRI and submitted blind structure predictions for seven protein-protein complexes based on the known structure of the component proteins. The predictions were compared to the unpublished X-ray structures of the complexes. We describe here the motivations for launching CAPRI, the rules that we applied to select targets and run the experiment, and some conclusions that can already be drawn. The results stress the need for new scoring functions and for methods handling the conformation changes that were observed in some of the target systems. CAPRI has already been a powerful drive for the community of computational biologists who development docking algorithms. We hope that this issue of Proteins will also be of interest to the community of structural biologists, which we call upon to provide new targets for future rounds of CAPRI, and to all molecular biologists who view protein-protein recognition as an essential process.

Alternate JournalProteins
PubMed ID12784359